Steve Thompson
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12 December 2020 Updated November 2023

I hope you enjoyed these chapters from my book.

The chapters you have now read are just a small part of a larger project entitled: “Stories From A Songwriter’s Life”. I’ve been working on this for several years now. The act of setting out my memories as a book has had strange and far-reaching consequences. People from the story have re-entered my life and have reminded me of other long-forgotten stories. Some of these people have also embarked on new stories with me. My mind has opened up to misplaced memories which also weave into the tapestry that is my story. What began as a fairly large book project has expanded into a massive undertaking.

I was plodding along and working on this project. I was going to Hartlepool Marina about once a week and working on this story in a lovely Bistro. Great food, and lovely surroundings. Tough work but someone has to do it right?

Then early in 2020 we began to hear about a virus emerging from China which became the COVID-19 pandemic. Then came the Lockdown of March 2020. I could no longer visit the Bistro. Work on the book stopped. I had time on my hands and could have continued but my Mojo was low.

Then in November 2020, unbidden, a memory dropped out of my subconscious into my conscious mind and it formed a new chapter “I Quit Heavy Metal And A Flower Pot Man Came To Call” (Chapter 16). As I added this new chapter I began to review the book and decided to revise the early chapters and release them. This is what you have just read.


Steve Thompson has written songs for Celine Dion, Sheena Easton, Elkie Brooks, The Hollies, The Searchers, Tygers of Pan Tang, Baby Ford, Colin Blunstone, Elaine Page, Bruce Ruffin, Baby Ford, Alvin Stardust, Chris Farlowe, Sarah Brightman and many more.
In his forthcoming book “Stories From A Songwriter’s Life” contains anecdotes from his time in the music industry, working closely with an impressive list of Producers such as Gus Dudgeon (Elton John, Chris Rea); Rodger Bain (Black Sabbath); Christopher Neil (Mike & The Mechanics, Marillion, Gerry Rafferty) and Peter Collins (Rush, Gary Moore, Bon Jovi)

In a long and varied career, Steve also wrote and produced some key recordings during the ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ (NWOBHM) including Raven, Venom (both huge influences on rock giants, Metallica) and Tygers of Pan Tang, who at one time featured another collaborator of Steve’s — guitarist John Sykes, who went on to join David Coverdale in Whitesnake.

Things They Say About Steve Thompson

“Steve Thompson is a British songwriter and record producer who is responsible for a number of single and album chart hits and well-known songs recorded by international recording artists. He was instrumental in setting up the influential Neat Records” WIKIPEDIA

“I have always been a huge admirer of Steve Thompson’s songs” Colin Blunstone, THE ZOMBIES

“Steve Thompson: Not just a songwriter but a philosopher of songwriting” Dr Owen Kelly, UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, HELSINKI, FINLAND.

“When our first producer Steve Thompson heard us crashing through “In League With Satan” he had the understanding that he was able to record something original and groundbreaking. We didn’t, but that’s a good producer.” Tony Bray, (Abaddon) VENOM

“Well done man you’ve created some serious work” Andy Taylor, DURAN DURAN/POWERSTATION

“People ask me who the biggest influence on my career was and expect me to mention a guitarist. They seem surprised when I say Steve Thompson. A very successful songwriter, I have always been an admirer of his work and consider myself very fortunate to have co-written songs with him.” Steve Lamb, TYGERS OF PAN TANG

“Steve Thompson taught us a lot about arranging and presenting our songs as well as making us laugh ….. A lot”! John Gallagher, RAVEN

“Did I not tell you, the boy’s a genius”? Pete Waterman, MUSIC ENTREPRENEUR.

“He knew nothing about rock or metal or anything really, we were gonna tie him up and lock him in a flight case, but we knew he had no sense of humour and wouldn’t find it funny and he’d cry like a baby” Conrad Lant, (Chronos )VENOM

“Let me say how delighted I am that you have signed Steve as a writer. He’s talented and it’s just a matter of time before he cracks it. I have known him for quite some time and have recorded songs of his in the past” Gus Dudgeon, RECORD PRODUCER. (letter to MCA Music)