Steve Thompson
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Life has provided me with tons of stories which I need very little encouragement to tell. I began writing this book to place the stories in one place. As I wrote, memories came flooding back and some of the people appearing in the stories reminded me of additional material. In case this book is never finished, I started to release collections of chapters and these are listed below. This is NOT the book, just a placeholder for chapters released so far. I’ll add other sections of the book such as the Foreword and Epilogue.


By Trev Teasdel (Poet, author and historian)

“We almost thought of giving in
Searching for that distant dream”

Journey’s End, Steve Thompson.

For a working-class man born in Consett, County Durham, UK apprenticed to the steel industry, with expectations only of the inevitable, Steve Thompson has managed to weld together, over 50 years, an amazing career as a hit songwriter, musician, rock band leader, record producer, ideas man, raconteur, radio producer, community media mogul, workshop leader and much more.

The world is full of unsung heroes, the people behind the scenes who pull the strings, spark ideas, and write the material for others to sing and while Steve may be one of them, his songs at least have been well sung by some of the top artists in show business, and he’s worked alongside some of the top producers of the time. This is what this book is about — those songs that will be familiar to you even if you never knew who wrote them, the stories that lie behind them; the highs and lows, told with honesty, clarity and humour.

There’s nothing highfalutin about Steve Thompson, he’s pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, achieved his dream, despite setbacks, and through it remains humble (if a little boastful — as you will see!), a staunchly people’s man with a wicked sense of humour (and I do mean wicked!). For all his achievements, Steve has given back generously to the communities who support him, helping people to achieve their own dreams through digital technology, social media, creativity, song production etc. Steve understands those dreams — and although a man with few formal qualifications — this book is his highest qualification — full of hard graft and wide experience!


Goodbye Consett (click to read chapters one to four)

Collections of Chapters

Goodbye Consett (click to read chapters one to four)

Naked On The Orient Express (Click to read chapters five to eight)

The Sun Comes Up And The Bar Closes (Coming soon)

Epilogue and About The Author